giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Selection Event and Investor Arena Meeting with Finalists Announcement

University of Padua - Archivio Antico Hall

Palazzo del Bo - via 8 febbraio 2 (Padua)

The Selection Event and the Intesa Sanpaolo Startup Initiative will take place on Wednesday October 31st at the premises of the University of Padua - Archivio Antico and Basilica Halls, via 8 febbraio 2.
Investors, VCs, Business Angels, Researchers, Companies and all those involved in the Research and Development sectors and activities are kindly invited to attend the presentation of the 14 teams running for the Nanochallenge and Polymerchallenge categories.
The goal of the event is to foster the matchmaking between teams and investors/companies interested in the technologies presented on the occasion of the event.
Each team will present its idea in front of the international jury and all the participants in a plenary session. Comments from the participants will be welcome during each Recap&Discussion time.
Meanwhile, a Poster Session will take place to facilitate the presentation of the project/technology by each team. Promotional material such as brochures, leaflets, samples or even prototypes, if any, will be displayed to all the participants.

The program will be the following:


Nicola Trevisan, Managing Director of Veneto Nanotech
Eva Milella, President of IMAST
Sauro Pasini, Head of Research, Enel Engineering & Research

Introduction to Arena by Bill Barber, President of INCube srl

Teams Presentation and Recap&Discussion (Team 1, Team 2, Team 3)

Coffee break and Poster Session

Teams Presentation and Recap&Discussion (Team 4, Team 5, Team 6)

Teams Presentation & Recap (Team 7, Team 8, Team 9)

Lunch & Poster Session

Teams Presentation and Recap&Discussion (Team 10, Team 11, Team 12)

Teams Presentation and Recap&Discussion (Team 13, Team 14)

Coffee break & Poster Session

Finalists Announcement Ceremony

The participation is free, online registration is mandatory at

martedì 16 ottobre 2012

NANOTECHITALY 2012, Venice 21-23 November

More than 120 speakers, from 15 countries worldwide, and 150 posters contributions on 10 sessions and 4 thematic workshops are expected during the Conference.

A networking event will be open to all participants for RtoB and BtoB meetings. Conference participants are invited to visit and upload their profiles on the networking tool (link ).
The Conference is held under the Distinguished Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.

Wednesday, November 21st

Opening and Introductory Lectures
Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials to the Market
Nanomaterials R&D Highlights
NanoMax workshop: Italian Flagship Initiative on Biosensing

Thursday, November 22nd

Nanomaterials for the Made in Italy
Health Care: focus on Cancer and Ageing Society
Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Protection
ULAB workshop: Modelling theTechnical University of Tomorrow
NanoForce workshop: Nanotechnologies for Chemical Enteprises
Hydrogels workshop: Hydrogels and gels for Health and Environmental Applications

Friday, November 23rd

Intelligent And Connected World: Next Generation Nanodevices & Nanosystems
Energy & Environment: Product, Processes for a Sustainable Development
Energy & Environment: Water Preservation & Purification
Safety, Ethics and Societal Impacts: Nanoregulation, Nanotoxicology, Occupational health and safety, Ethical aspects, Food Packaging safety issues