venerdì 2 luglio 2010

Libri Hoeply sulle nanotecnologie

La redazione di Dieci alla meno nove consiglia di leggere:


List of Tables
Reporting Science
Risk Society and the Media
News Coverage of Nanotechnologies
Nanotechnologies, Public Knowledge and the Media
Scientists' and Policymakers' Representations of Nanotechnologies
Communication about Nanotechnologies in the Future


ALISON ANDERSON is Reader in Sociology at the University of Plymouth, UK. She is author of Media, Culture and the Environment, and co-editor of The Changing Consumer and Tourism, Consumption and Representation.

ALAN PETERSEN is Professor of Sociology at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He is also Honorary Visiting Professor at Plymouth University and at City University, London, UK. He has researched and published widely in the fields of health and illness, risk, the body, genetics and nanotechnologies.

CLARE WILKINSON is Senior Lecturer in Science Communications at the University of West of England, UK. She works within the interdisciplinary Science Communication Unit and has published in journals including Science Communication, Qualitative Health Research and Health, Risk and Society.

STUART ALLAN is Professor of Journalism at Bournemouth University, UK. His books include News Culture; Media, Risk and Science, and Online News: Journalism and the Internet. He is currently researching science reporting and the internet with a particular interest in science blogs and citizen journalism.

Note Editore

Drawing together insights from media studies, sociology and science and technology studies, this book is one of the first major studies of media coverage, policy debates and public perceptions of nanotechnologies, and makes a fascinating and timely contribution to debates about the public communication of science.

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