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NanotechItaly 2011 ( comunicato n.2 )

NanotechItaly 2011 - International Conference
Venezia-Mestre, 23-25 novembre 2011, Hotel NH Laguna Palace

NanotechItaly 2011, is an International Conference jointly organised by AIRI/Nanotec IT, Veneto Nanotech, the National Research Council (CNR) and the Italian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Federchimica and Politecnico of Torino (Latemar Research Center).

The Conference will offer

A comprehensive picture of nanotechnology activities, perspectives and needs in Italy
The latest developments and trends at world level of nanotech across key industrial sectors
Innovation and business practices to bring nanotechnologies to the market place
Governance and policy actions to promote nanotech development
Matchmaking and networking opportunities

In the Opening Session, Prof Albert Fert, Nobel Prize for Physics in 2007 and Prof. Fabio Beltram, Director of the Scuola Normale of Pisa, will give their introductory lectures.

The three day event will address themes that are challenging modern society to promote a responsible innovation:

New materials, Processes and Manufacturing

Surface technologies, composite nanotech, nanoporous materials, nanofibers, carbon based and other nanomaterials, nanocatalysts
Cold spray & thermal spray deposition technologies (metallic, composites, ceramic materials)

Health and life sciences - Nanomedicine

Molecular diagnostics and recognition, bio-compatible materials and layers, tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, biomolecular sensors, nanoparticles therapy, drug delivery

Smart transportation

Storage, batteries, photovoltaic systems, micro energy generation, energy saving

Safe living

Safe buildings: sensors, construction materials, lighting, indoor air quality, furniture
Security: identification, counterfeiting

ICT & Nanoelectronics

Nanostructured sensors, optical materials and devices, MEMS/NEMS, memories and logic devices, magnetic materials and devices, nano-robotics

Responsible development

Regulation, risk assessment (EHS), risk management, communication and ethical issues, recycling, standards.


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